Monday, May 16, 2011

Another successful experiment :-)

A couple weeks ago a friend asked me if I ever made any vegan desserts.  A friend of hers is a vegan and her birthday was coming up.  Timing is everything because I had bought a vegan cookbook and was looking for a reason to try out some new recipes.  
I ended up making 2 types of vegan cupcakes for the birthday girl and I've gotten great reviews!  I made a vanilla cupcake with raspberry "buttercream"...I think the cupcake still needs a little tweaking but the frosting was pretty tasty, if I do say so myself! ;-)  The second kind was a chocolate stout cupcake with a peanut butter "buttercream"...I got lots of compliments on this one!  My boyfriend can't get enough of the frosting ...I'd say that was a good outcome! :-) 
I am thrilled I have had such luck with my culinary experiments! It is so great to know that I can make people happy with something that I create in my tiny little kitchen! 


New Experiences

Although, I didn't get the baker position that I tried out for, I ended up getting a different position at the same bakery.  I trained for 3 days this past week which was an eye opening experience!  There is nothing easy about working in a bakery!  I never stopped moving the whole time I was there!  I felt like I was a in a whirlwind and couldn't quite catch my breath!  As hard as it was, I was still happy to be there.  I'm hoping I can grow and learn from this experience.  I definitely have to check my ego since I am the newbie.  I wanted to change the direction of my career so I have to roll with the punches.  I am happy with my decision and am trilled I am doing something to make change happen! 

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Yummy treats

The picture below is an example of a Tinypop Treat.  It is a trifle with almond pound cake, fresh berries, vanilla custard and whipped cream.  I made this treat for Mother's Day and my Uncle's birthday.  I'm hoping it's a hit! :-) 
If you think it looks tasty, check out my other creations on the Tinypop Treats Facebook page. ( )

What's next?

I'm not so good at blogging yet so please excuse the lull in my posts! :-p 
Well bad news first...I didn't get the job at the local bakery. :-(  I'm going to say it is their loss and look forward to other opportunities! :-)  
Deciding to look for a job in baking is career change for me, I  know there will be hurdles to overcome and challenges to face.  This is something that I really want so I am determined to stay positive and keep trying! 
I need to advertise Tinypop Treats better and get some business on my own!  I think I make great products so I just need to get out there and make people taste the goodness! :-) 
More to come from Chef Amy soon! 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wish Me Luck!

I am so nervous today! I am really excited too! I have a interview/trial at a local bakery! 
I've never worked in a kitchen so I'm not entirely sure what to expect. I'm sure it isn't an easy job!  I know I have to bust my butt when I bake at home and that is nothing compared to a popular bakery! 
Of course, I over think everything so I'm already trying to figure out what to do if they offer me the position.  Obviously, that is what I would like to happen but I need to just go in with an open mind and try as hard as I can to show them that giving me a chance wouldn't be a mistake.  
I'll try to give an update later and let you know how everything went! 
Wish me lots of luck! :-) 

Great Weekend! :-)

As promised, I am keeping my followers posted on my baking adventures. :-) 
I had incredible success this past weekend with my sweet treats!  My gluten-free cupcakes came out awesome; I was pleasantly surprised!  I'm got over a dozen opinions on the cupcakes and all were positive.  I shared them with family and friends so I knew I would get honest opinions.  Some people's family or friends might stretch the truth a bit but mine tend to be more than honest even when not asked! :-p  My one Aunt has Celiac Disease and she thoroughly enjoyed the cupcakes; she even took 2 home! 
I also tried a recipe from my Great Grandma.  Since she passed we haven't been able to replicate the recipe but my Uncles said that my try was as close as they have had!  Needless to say, I was thrilled! :-) 
My Easter cookie orders for Kolackies were a hit too! 
My baking ego definitely had a good weekend! :-) 

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Baking Machine!

I had a great baking week!  
Spent Tuesday with my Grandma learning some family recipes which was awesome!  Wednesday and Thursday were spent filling Tinypop Treats Easter orders.  Today I baked for the family Easter making a couple classics and decided to venture into a new arena!
For the first time, I tried a gluten-free cupcake recipe! I'm really excited about experimenting with gluten-free ingredients but I am definitely optimistically skeptical! :-p  Obviously, I want people to bite into them and love them without even knowing they are gluten-free but I'm not sure if that is even possible! I'm not telling anyone that they are gluten-free until after they taste the cupcakes.  I want unbiased opinions so better safe than sorry! 
Food sensitivities are a prevalent problem today so I would like to provide a great and tasty product for someone that can't eat the usual indulgent treats.  It may take a few (or more) tries but I'm determined to make an awesome product!  Anyone who wants to be a taste tester is welcome! :-)  I'll keep you posted on my progress.  Wish me luck! :-)